On Oppression

First, I want to apologize for my lack of postings in recent weeks. Personal mental health struggles are fun *sarcasm*, but hopefully I should be good to provide alcohol-riddled attempts at theology for the remainder of the semester. Now, that being said, let’s work on this week’s project, shall we? This week we have been […]

I Wrote This Post at 3 AM- Forgive Me

Do you hear that? The sweet sound of annihilation and destruction? Maybe sounding something like this: Invader Zim “Doom Song” ? (This is a reference purely for my fellow Millennials). Putting old Nickelodean jokes aside, we’re talking prophecy again this week, but now we’re looking to my boy Jeremiah. As we comb through his prophecies, […]

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Ah, prophecy. The oft misunderstood, yet totally great tool in the proverbial Biblical belt (not the conglomeration of Conservative values in the South, just to be clear.) But seriously, it’s impossible to go through the Bible and not come upon some form of prophecy. However, it wasn’t until this class (actually, until right before I […]

A Reason for Everything?

Life can be so freaking hard y’all. There are things we struggle with, things we fight against, and things we succumb to every day. It’s easy to feel alone, but *spoiler alert*, we’re not alone. We have God on our side. Throughout all of life’s trials, God is there for us. Remember the old “footprints […]

Tearing Apart My Faith

I made this blog for one of my classes this semester- Introduction to Old Testament. And as much as I want to be professional and an academic, aka as much as I want to impress my professor, I think my best learning can only come from being true to myself, and that is what this […]